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Designing with Bed Draperies | Half Testers and Coronas

My last post was all about bed drapery, specifically canopies with and without four poster beds. Today is all about 2 other looks - half testers and coronas, with can be achieved through hardware (an actual half tester bed or corona) or "faked" through clever drapery. Are you a bed drapery person? Which look is your favorite?

Half Testers

Half Testers have a similar relationship the the four-poster and canopy relationship in my last post. A half tester is a type of bed which has a low foot board and a canopy that projects from the head of the bed.
Antique Furniture

These half tester beds are not common unless you've got some serious European antiques. However, the "look" is one often created by mounting drapery from the wall or ceiling above a standard bed as in these examples.
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Corona is a super beer and reminds me of summer. It's also the Latin word for "Crown" and in bedding and draperies, that is exactly what it means. A Corona is a crown for your bed. Coronas can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted and can be circular, oval, or half circles. Coronas can also be an elaborate pre-made wood or metal piece to which the fabric is attached, or it can be created through fabric as in the House Beautiful example below. Interior Designer Bedrooms

Bedroom Design Ideas 

Traditional Bedroom Design

Traditional Bedroom Interior Design

Other Creative Bed Drapery

I couldn't help but include this bed project. It's very much like a half tester, but the box and molding are built in to the room and simple fabric panels are installed inside of the box. It's clever and a very dramatic look.
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Designing with Bed Drapery | Canopies

Bed Drapery has been around for a long time. It was essential in Northern Europe during the cold winters in drafty homes. Beds were draped in fabrics and woven tapestries to create warmth and privacy. Kings and Queens would receive courtiers at their bed, so the beds were of importance and were lavishly decorated. Just think of the beds in the Palace of Versailles and you'll get the picture. Today, Bed Drapery is a fun way to customize your bedroom design, add more color and pattern, or create a cozy cocoon for yourself and your loved one. And they don't necessarily have to be elaborate or expensive. There are several ways to incorporate bedding treatments into your own dream Master Suite. Today, I'll discuss canopies, both with a four-poster bed and without.

Canopies and Drapery on a Four-poster Bed

The first way to achieve Bed Drapery is with a proper four-poster or canopy bed. Using the bed as the base, drapery can be added in many creative ways. Custom Interior Design

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Faux Canopy

A second way to add Bed Drapery, is to fake a a four-poster bed by adding a drapery at the wall, ceiling, or both. One of the easiest ways to do this is hang drapery rods from the ceiling and drapery at the corners make a convincing look of a four-poster bed. Custom Bedroom Interior Design

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A second way to create the look is adding Drapery at the ceiling that falls behind the bed as in these bedrooms featured below.
 Bed Drapery

European Inspired Design

Custom Drapery Design Denver Colorado

Twin Canopy Beds Boy Room

Next time I'll cover 2 other types of Bed Draperies: Half Tester and Corona. More inspiration for your own beautiful master suite design. Are you inspired to add bed drapery to your bedroom design?

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