Monday, November 30, 2009

Artful Christmas Ornaments

I post many items from The Artful Home, primarily because the artwork is absolutely beautiful and so well crafted. I also support the ideas behind Artful Home - it's a place for independent artists to showcase and sell their work, with the service and support of a national company, and Artful Home gives a portion of every sale to assist artists in crisis. You can read more about artist you admire through their profile on the Artful Home website.
Below is a selection of amazing hand crafted holiday ornaments available thorough Artful Home. This selection just scratches the surface, so visit directly for even more choices.

"Chantilly Lace" by Michael Egan

"Frankincense" by Paul Lockwood

"Candy Floss" by Jason Howard

"Twinkle Star" by Susan Knecht

"Big Blue Easy" by Mark Rosenbaum

And for that First Christmas - the "Binky" by Cheryl McKenney

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Magnificent Menorah's

'Tis the holiday season and so begins many a posting with holiday ideas, tips and products for a beautiful season. Last year I reviewed several artfully crafted Menorah's for the holidays in my Crazy for Menorah's posting. Many of those are still available from the artists and through The Artful Home. I have a few more to add to the selection this year. This collection is by the glass artists Joel and Candace Bless and are also available through Artful Home.

Block Menorah

Abstract Menorah

Shofar Menorah
Pillars Menorah
Happy Holidays! How will you be decorating this year?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I have many things to be grateful for on this Thanksgiving, beyond the food, fun, and football. I am grateful that I get to do the work I love everyday and share my passion for design with others. I want to thank everyone who reads my blog for your ongoing support and ideas. You have made blogging about design another joy in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to perfect centerpieces and artfully-arranged-themed-tables, let's face it - no one beats Martha Stewart. So I went straight to the expert for inspiration on the Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!

Posted by Tennille Wood, Internationally Trained Interior Designer.
Beautiful Habitat: Luxury Interior Design.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Caring for your Curtains

As an Interior Designer, I want my client’s finished products and beautiful homes to last forever. One thing I do to encourage this is to provide Care and Maintenance instructions for all products and finishes that we install in the interior design plan. This explains the cleaning and care requirements for every product for my clients and their cleaning crews.

With or without these care instructions, there are two big neglects that I often see in homes: caring for window treatments and lampshades. If you’d like to have a longer more vibrant life for your window treatments and lamp shades, there is one simple rule: vacuum regularly.

Vacuum both hard (i.e. blinds) and soft (i.e valances and draperies) window treatments OFTEN, at least monthly. And your lampshades, too. The goal is to prevent dirt and dust from remaining on the fabric where it will be absorbed over time. Vacuum frequently and draperies will look new for years without Professional or harsh cleaning methods.

On that note, chemical or dry-cleaning can result in shrinking or damage and should be avoided. Fabrics that are not dry-cleaned will last 3-4 times longer than those frequently sent to the cleaners. Focus on prevention instead, by regularly removing the dust from window treatments and lampshades by vacuuming.

If you find that your fabrics are looking dingy and do need additional cleaning (or maybe you’re just reading this and realize your draperies haven’t been vacuumed in at least 5 years), tumble them in the dryer. But please follow these instructions carefully!

  1. Remove draperies from rod
  2. Remove all drapery pins (critical)
  3. Without washing or dry-cleaning, place 1 panel at a time in the dryer.
  4. Add an old, dry cotton terrycloth towel and a sheet of fabric softener to the dryer. The towel will absorb any grime released from the panel. The fabric softener will keep them smelling fresh.
  5. Set dryer on an air-fluff or no-heat cycle and run about 30 minutes. A hot setting may cause shrinkage (critical).
  6. Remove panels immediately and hang without folding. Wrinkles should flatten out, but light ironing or steaming may be necessary.

If a deeper cleaning is needed, try professional steaming instead of dry-cleaning.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Things - Ski Cap & Sweater Sleeve Candles

As winter comes rolling in on us, these cute candles certainly ring in the season and remind us to feel cozy. The adorable ski cap candles include porcelain ski caps covers on a footed vessel. The Sweater Sleeve candles look just like the cozy stitches of your favorite sweater. The candles are scented in Cypress & Fir, Moss & Leather, Cedar & Ventivar, Balsam & Cedar, Pine Cone, and Brightleaf Tobacco to further enhance the cozy feeling of the season. All available from Anthropoligie.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For the Love of our Pets

I love my dogs.I also love having a beautiful home that represents my personality. For many years there was conflict between these ideas as pet paraphernalia was explicitly lacking in personality. Well, no more, my friends! Here is a small sampling of pet supplies that are packed with personality.

Short on space? How about a Pet Murphy Bed? In black or mahogany from Rush Gideon.

From, The DenHaus Collection from comes in both contemporary "Zen Haus", and traditional "TownHaus" styles.

Bobby Berk Home takes all pet accessories to a modern new edge.

The Vurv Bowl collection

The Wallflower Cat Scratcher.

From In the Company of Dogs, these gates actually make a statement. In Swirl or Giraffe patterns. And the eiCrate looks more like a piece of modern sculpture than a pet habitat.

And for true multifunction, try the BowHaus Cocktail Table and Dog Den, also from

May your home and your pets live in perfect harmony and personal style!

For tips on choosing your furniture and finishes with your pet in mind, read this post.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spectacular Side Tables

The side table has become a necessity of modern living. Whether it's functional - for drinks or a lamp, or decorative - as a display surface or a piece of art in its own right, side tables are a mainstay in family room and living room plans. Below are a few of the side tables that have caught my attention recently. Enjoy!

Margot Wine Table, from Pierre Deux

Table a Prise, from Pierre Deux

Geo Side Table, from West Elm

Mirror Block Side Table, from West Elm

 Lola Side Table, from Ballard Designs

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favorite Things - Antique Scale Hooks

A clever way to recycle and re-purpose. These antique kitchen scale hooks are available through Ballard Designs. Use them to hang items or as artwork in their own right.  Sold in an assorted set of 5 hooks.


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