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A Design Plan is Essential to your Decorating Success

Have you ever been lost? I know I have.  I thought I knew where I was going. I set out, without a map, because, you know, I know where I’m headed. Right until I got myself lost…

No Decorating Plan
 Why didn't I get a map? Oh yeah. I was smart enough to get there. What kind of idiot doesn't know the way to _____? Or, more likely, I was in a hurry and too busy to prepare with a map. I was anxious to get there and skipped my preparation. You can bet that the next time I set out to a new area I got myself some directions, both from the cell phone and a printed version, in case I had no cell coverage. Smarter the second time around.
  Have  a Design Plan
 Decorating without a plan is a lot like setting out without directions. You stop into a furniture store or on a website, maybe just to browse or get ideas. Then you start purchasing blindly. Like going without directions, you’ll end up lost, and with a hodge-podge of stuff that kind-of, sort-of works together. And probably a side helping of disappointment.
  Bad Decoration

We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them. That’s why you will do better next time you decorate. You need a plan… a map. And the map starts with an honest inventory of your life. Decide what you need and want. Determine your {real} budget and if you can accomplish what you need and want within that budget. It seems so simple, doesn't it? It is. The key is having the patience to do it right the first time.
  Good Decorating Plan

I’ll teach you to be your own client. Listen to yourself and your family and be honest about what works. What’s all this about honesty? Here is an example: I love velvet. It’s rich and luxurious. I have a penchant for glam design in my own home and velvet fits right in. I also have an adorable 60 lb dog, who is allowed all over the furniture. Velvet is an absolute magnet for fur. So, will I change the rules for the dog? No. Do I want to battle the fur on velvet? No. Is a velvet sofa a good choice for me? No. I’ll have to consider another option. Perhaps a velvet ottoman or pillows will be a more practical solution.

Not planning and assessing your life and needs results in spending money on things that don’t work for you, or that you’ll have to replace sooner than you anticipated.

Let’s get started with your own design plan.  Below is a mini version of the design questionnaire I use with my clients before I start designing or decorating their homes.
  • How long do you plan to stay in this home? This helps you determine how much time and money you really want to put into a redesign. Will you be focused on your long-term comfort or resale value?
  • Who lives in your home and what are their ages? Do you have children that will be off to school soon or an elderly parent living with you and need to incorporate Ageing-in-Place principals?
  • Do you have pets? Think about the finishes you want to install in your home and whether they are adequate for those furry friends in your life.
  • Do you entertain quite a bit? Is your home functional for your entertaining needs?
Interior Decorating Tips
  • Write a list of your family’s regular activities. Does Bobby like to do puzzles in the living room, or does Missy like to paint in the kitchen? Defining where you need to make rooms dual purpose or where to relocate these activities help you determine how to best use your space.
  •  Is there enough storage space in your home?
  • What colors do you like? What colors do you dislike? What colors do your family members love and hate?
  • Does everyone in the house have the same design taste? If they are different, have you figured out how you are going to reconcile the differences?
Interior Design for Him and Her
  • What style do you want for furniture and accessories? Modern, traditional, formal, casual… the list goes on.
  • What is the style of your current home? If your house is very Traditional, but you like Modern styles, how will you bridge the gap?
  • Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or artwork you absolutely love? This could be the perfect starting point for your design.
  • How much are you going to invest in this project? Add an extra 20% to that number to cover the incidentals that always pop up. Is this based on real prices or total guesswork? If you haven’t done the homework to see what items really cost, you may be unable to complete this project once you start or you may have to downgrade your selections.
  • Is anyone in your home a handy person? If so, you may be able to save yourself money if you can do things like painting yourself.
This list is not exhaustive. In fact, I have a 7 page questionnaire that I review with new clients. However, it will get you thinking honestly about your needs and wants in your home. This is the important first step before you make a single purchase.Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Library Inspiration | Unusual Library Spaces

My last Library post was all about Double Duty rooms and how to create a library space within another room. Those were primarily in Family/Living Rooms, Dining Rooms and Bedrooms. In my look at Home Libraries, I've come across even more creative and adventurous types; avid readers who've carved a home library out of rather unusual spaces. Enjoy!


Hallways are a great space to locate your library, particularly if you've got a wide area, or landing area. The walls of a hallway are an otherwise unused space, which make it a great spot to store your books. But don't force it. If your hallway is too narrow, the library addition will feel cramped. Worse, you may damage the shelves, books or other objects trying to squeeze new furniture or other large items down your hallway library.

  Interior Designer Boulder CO

Stairways and Landings

Stairways and landings make a great library. It's a functional and interesting use of an otherwise empty pass-through space. And it's made even better if you have the luxury of a window and a window seat.
  Creative Interior Design Solutions

I love the two libraries below. It is a creative use of stairwells.

I had a hallway/landing library in my old home. I had photos of this space, from about 7 years ago. I've searched my PC for those photos to share with you and I cannot find them. I think this is what happens when you change computers a few times...

Bathrooms (that's right, I said bathroom libraries)
Perhaps the most unusual library space that I've come across is in the bathroom. What is even more surprising is that I found several of these bathroom libraries!
  Bathroom Designer Colorado

Creative Interior Design

 Double duty interior design spaces

Bathroom Design

If you don't have a bathroom that lends intself to building bookcases into the wall, this bathtub may solve that for you. It's a bathtub with it's own bookcase builit into the side. Clever.

Beautiful Interior Design Products

 Do you have an unusual home library? Have you been inspired to create one?Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design and Decoration


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