Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Colors | Yellow

It's hard to dispute yellow as a Happy Color. Yellow is associated with joy, sunshine, warmth and freshness. Just look at any child's drawing and you're likely to see a bright yellow sun or a yellow happy face. I love yellow and have used it in both my own, and client's homes. And this is certainly not the first time I've mentioned yellow in the Beautiful Habitat blog.

Yellow is a big bold happy color, so let's start with the boldest of yellow rooms.

Whole Lotta Yellow
Luxury Bathroom Design in Denver Colorado 
 via tumblr

Custom Wall Treatments in Boulder Colorado 

Bold Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 

Traditional Interior Design in Denver Colorado 

Even when not used as an overall color or on walls, yellow still makes a big impact in rooms and interiors.
Bold Contemporary Interior Design in Denver Colorado 

Innovative Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 

Luxury Interior Decorator in Denver Colorado 

Yellow wallpaper makes a great statment on it's own

Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado 

or as a backdrop to other artwork
Custom Bathroom Design in Denver Colorado 

And if that's too much yellow for you, remember that it does make a great accent color in more neutral decor.

Yellow Accents
Starting with a lovely yellow banquette. I love banquettes and you can read more about them here: An Ode to Banquettes
Kitchen Design in Boulder Colorado 

Beautiful Bedroom Decorating in Denver ColoradoContemporary Interior Decorating in Boulder Colorado 
Lovely Bedrooms, both via SAS Interiors

Interior Decorator in Denver ColoradoModern Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 
via CB2
Childrens Room Designs in Denver Colorado 
A wonderful room for a girl, via Douglas Friedman

Kitchen Design in Boulder Colorado 

Interior Styling in Denver Colorado 
An easy DIY accent via Brooklyn Limestone.

Have you used yellow in your home? Or maybe you've been too intimidated to try this bold hue? Share with us here, or on Facebook!
For more on the Happy Color Series:

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Things | Rubber Vase

I recently came across this great product for homes with smaller children - the rubber vase. Created by designer Henriette Melchiorsen, these family-friendly vases are available through Emmohome.com. They prove that kids and beautiful interior design can and should live harmoniously together.

Modern Home Design in Denver Colorado
From Emmo Home: "The rubber vase is both fun and unusual: in the right setting it is amazingly stylish – with its black, red and brown colors, close up the material can give the impression of fragile ceramics. But the dazzling lime and pink colors leave no doubt that this is a funky product made from a unique material – cutting-edge design for those seeking something completely different and modern, or just an extremely practical vase to have where there are small children around."

Interior Decorator in Boulder, Colorado
The rubber vase is available in two sizes. The small vase is quite small, with a 4.33" diameter and height of 5.12".

Modern Interior Designer in Boulder ColoradoContemporary Interior Designer in Boulder Colorado
The large vase has a diameter of 7" and is 8" high.

Contemporary Interior Design in Denver Colorado

Modern Interior Decorating in Denver Colorado

The rubber vase comes in several colors to match both modern and more traditional or transitional interior decorating schemes.

Contemporary Interior Designer in Colorado
A great option to decorate lower surfaces, including coffee and end tables in your home without fear that it will be broken by rambunctious or curious kids.

Have you seen other family-friendly, yet attractive products for the home? Share with us.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Colors | Lime and Apple Green

A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook and Twitter "What color makes you happiest?". It was meant to be just some fun on a Friday afternoon. However, the responses inspired me to write a series of posts featuring these happy colors in beautifully designed rooms. My interior design philosophy has always been to live with the things and colors that you love. Afterall, your home should make you happy and feel good. My hope is that these post will inspire you to incorporate your own happy colors more into your design and decorating plans.

Our happy colors series has already featured Purple and Orange. Today we are going to focus on lime and apple greens. Much like with our previous colors, there are so many ways to incorporate greens into your home. You can use small splashes to large doses and in hues ranging from light and sweet to super bold and intense.

Let's start with large doses of green in different intensities.

This green-on-green wallpaper makes a bold statement in this kitchen nook decor. It works so well on the tall wall and is a piece or artwork in itself.
Bold modern interior designvia HGTV
This apple green kitchen is adorable. The custom painted cabinets are not overwhelming because of the frosted glass panels, which helps to break up and soften the green. I love the use of different cabinet sizes taken all the way to the ceiling - it's smart kitchen design and use of space.
Below is another kitchen that uses large doses of green without overwhelming. The green here is more of a lime green. This bold color is well balanced in this kitchen because it is only on the walls and softened by (and warms up) the stainless steel appliances and industrial cabinets.
And now, for the super bold in lime green walls... These rooms take lime walls to the extreme. If you'd like this look in your home, choosing the correct shade of green will take some time. Find tips here: Choosing Paint Colors or hire an expert to save you time and money.
A very bold and bright nursery. This super bright and intense shade of lime is balanced with white and an equally bold turquoise. It's certainly not shy, but in my opinion, it works.
This bathroom also has a very bold and intense shade of lime green. Powder rooms are a great place to go really bold (also dining rooms and foyers). You don't spend a lot of time in these spaces, so won't become overwhelmed or tired of the color as quickly, Yet your guests will visit these 3 spaces, so you can really make a statement.
Green does not have to be applied is such large doses to create an impact and make you happy. Here are some more subtle and suggestive ways to use green in your interiors.
This bedroom balances lime green, chocolate brown and white for a beautiful and restful retreat.
This Dining Room by Jonathan Adler is another wonderful balance of lime and chocolate. The lime brightens the room and definitely adds the "happy".
Interior Designer in Colorado
An accent piece of furniture is a great way to add color to you home. Below is a beautiful painted chest - great DIY project. Also below is the Forest chair, which adds interest with it's green color and unique shape.
How about a lime green vintage bathtub? It's the perfect statement piece is an otherwise white bathroom. If you're not feeling so bold, you could just opt for the lime and white towels in your bath.
Bathroom Design in Denver Coloradovia Feedly
For a perfectly balanced living room that incorporates green, use it on curtains, a small stool or chair, and other accessories.
Have you used lime or apple green in your home? Share with us here or on Facebook.
Have I featured your happy color, yet? If not, tell me about your color and I'll be happy to add it to the series.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Colors | Orange

Continuing on our topic of colors that make you happy, today we are on Orange.  I love to use orange in rooms and agree that it is a happy color.  It’s a warm and vibrant color that combines the happiness of yellow with the energy of red.
One of my favorite interior design plans features orange and has been seen in the Beautiful Habitat blog before in Spring Inspired Rooms.

Like last week’s post which featured purple as our happy color, orange can by used in different intensities for very different results.

As a wall color paired with neutrals.
As a bold accent color

And rooms that just go all out with Orange
From Sixx Designs via Desire to Inspire

Older Posts that feature Orange Interiors and Decor:
Have you ever used or considered using orange in your home decor? Share with us here, or on Facebook.

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