Monday, December 29, 2008

Tips to Rethink and Rearrange

There are two issues that I often hear from clients, friends and readers alike and my advice for solving both is the same.

The issues:
  1. Stuck in a rut. You stick to the same arrangement in the same spot day after day, year after year and are afraid to move it. (This is not a problem if you truly like the arrangement. If you love it, keep it forever. This applies if you know you're ready for a change).
  2. Clutter. You started with an arrangement. Then a new piece came in, you got three more for your birthday, etc. Now the space feels too cluttered.
And these issues can apply to any and all spaces:
  • China hutches or display cabinets
  • Book shelves
  • Mantels
  • Wall arrangements - artwork or photos
  • Pillows on the bed
  • etc.

The solution:
Clear everything out/off of the space. Live with this blank space for at least 2 weeks. This will give your mind time to rethink the space, without you actively "thinking" about it. Then slowly start to add pieces back in to the area. Start with the pieces that you love the most. Try the items in a different area than you had them before. Look at the pieces individually. Try grouping them in different arrangements. After the break and clear space, you will most likely come to a different final product and look than before.

Post-holiday is a great time to do this. Many of us remove everyday items to put out the holiday decorations. As you pack up the decorations, don't rush to bring out the everyday items. Live with a blank canvas for a while.

Below are the before and after photos of a bookcase that I reworked for a client. She felt that it was too cluttered and the pieces that she loved were lost in the chaos.

To begin, we cleared everything away and separated items that she loved and absolutely wanted to keep. Using the favorite items, we began to place them in different locations to best highlight each one, moving them around until we were happy with the balance. We pulled a vase from another room to become our centerpiece. Then we filled in the spaces with books and smaller items. For more photos of the completed room, visit BeautifulHabitat.comYou can make similar changes in your spaces. Just clear out the stuff to clear your mind. You'll approach it from a new and refreshed angle.

More inspiration for arrangements coming soon.

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