Monday, November 30, 2009

Artful Christmas Ornaments

I post many items from The Artful Home, primarily because the artwork is absolutely beautiful and so well crafted. I also support the ideas behind Artful Home - it's a place for independent artists to showcase and sell their work, with the service and support of a national company, and Artful Home gives a portion of every sale to assist artists in crisis. You can read more about artist you admire through their profile on the Artful Home website.
Below is a selection of amazing hand crafted holiday ornaments available thorough Artful Home. This selection just scratches the surface, so visit directly for even more choices.

"Chantilly Lace" by Michael Egan

"Frankincense" by Paul Lockwood

"Candy Floss" by Jason Howard

"Twinkle Star" by Susan Knecht

"Big Blue Easy" by Mark Rosenbaum

And for that First Christmas - the "Binky" by Cheryl McKenney

Beautiful Habitat: Luxury Interior Design

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