Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love it or Leave it - Animal "Inspired" Area Rugs?

Most people already have a strong love or hate opinion when it comes to animal prints and particularly on the large scale of animal print rugs (both real and fabricated).  But what about animal "inspired" designs that look anything like the real thing. Do you love it, or would you leave it?

Jaguar Rugs, available in 3 non-animal colors, designed by Susan Kasler for Safavieh.
Tiger Rugs in Blue & Green and Pink & Blue, are by Carini Lang.

Colorful reptilian designs can be found at Designers Guild in the Bernadini Rugs, available in Moss and Damson.

Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration


Debra said...

I'm going to vote "love it" this time around. I like that the color scheme is more of what stands out rather than the "print" or animal design. I saw the colors before I saw the animal connection. I think these are cool!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I don't care for most, but I do love that purple tone-on-tone rug. I do love a good animal-print upholstered chair, though.

My spotted dogs lies on rugs....does that count as animal print? ;)


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