Tuesday, October 5, 2010

23rd Ave Sculpture in Denver

I have recently started working with a new client in the Sloans Lake area of Denver. It's an adorable 1939 home that you will hear much more about in the coming weeks. While driving to client meetings, I pass an eye-catching sculpture studio. After a meeting with my client last week I decided to stop in and check it out. I was not disappointed!

Welcome to the 23rd Avenue Sculpture Studio and Gallery at 3500 W. 23rd Ave, Denver, Colorado . 

The studio is owned by Dennis West and features his work, along with several other artists that work out of the studio. They are rough looking group of metal workers, but were more than happy to show me around the studio and explain the various pieces and artists. Below is just a sample of the various treasures that I found while wandering.Customers are welcome to purchase anything in the outdoor or indoor galleries, or the artists will happily do commissions and custom work.

 A great outdoor bar area. There are also outdoor seating and fire pits available. John "Wild" Mann, one of the artists, also informed me that they would take my basic outdoor metal bench and spice it up with some custom accents. I intend to take him up on that offer next summer!
They also offer metal sculpture classes and monthly wine tastings at the studio through Toast Wine and Spirits.

Many of the pieces are made from reclaimed pieces of metal - great for art and the environment!

Dennis makes custom gates and railings for indoor and outdoor use.

 Copper Sculptures

They have little pieces...

 ...and large pieces

 A hand-forged iron music stand.

 A mobile - yes, it rotates in the wind.

Custom Door hardware
I love supporting local art. Of course, I couldn't leave without selecting a few hand-made creations of my own. I picked these two sculptures, which have a base built to go in flower pots. These are perfect for me - the lazy gardener. I haven't planted flowers in those pots in 2 years. Now I don't need to - I have sculptures!

So check out the 23rd Ave Sculpture Studio in Denver and support these local artists.

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