Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mix up Those Pillows - Texture & Pattern

My last post was all about mixing up the color, texture and pattern in your throw pillows for a bigger impact. Mix up Those Pillows.One way to create an impact, in what some may call a more "sophisticated" or formal way is to stay within a similar color scheme, but really play up texture and pattern.

This beautiful blue room by Tobi Fairley creates interest with faux fur pillows. House Beautiful 

Two above photos are by Hallberg & Wisley from Veranda.Both are great examples of pattern and texture adding interest in a neutral palette.

Great textural pillows from David Lawrence in House Beautiful.

 An energetic monochromatic scheme, using a variety of pattern by Frances Schultz, House Beautiful

For more tips on using pattern in fabrics and upholstery, see the post Making a Statement with Upholstery

Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration www.beautifulhabitat.com

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