Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Small Changes Can Make Big Happys

I’ve recently made some small functional changes around my home and, although I knew they would make life feel better, I didn’t realize how happy they’d actually make me. While I don’t normally blog about me and my home, I think many people can relate to this story and draw inspiration from it. Allow me to be your case study for no longer settling for the little things that annoy you around your home!

Change #1: The Shower Head
About 2 months ago, we changed out the shower head. The old shower head had terrible water pressure and was a little leaky. It had gotten worse over time until a shower felt like this…

After one particularly low pressure and unpleasant shower, I had had enough and marched myself to the bathroom showroom. After about $100 in an upgraded shower head and 5 minutes of labor, my next shower felt like this…

I’m not exaggerating. It was wonderful. The new shower head made me ridiculously happy.  The actual change is really more like this…

Change #2: Sofa Cushions
The current sofa is something we purchased prior to my embarking on the design gig. It’s before I had access to all the lovely showrooms and manufacturers that I now bring to my clients. It’s from a well-known retail store. While it looks nice and has a well chosen fabric, the quality is not of the highest caliber, particularly the cushions along the back of the sofa. Below is a cushion insert. It is a just bag of loose fiber-fill. The result was a cushion that drooped and looked sloppy and, more importantly, was unsupportive and uncomfortable.

For $200, I had new inserts made for the sofa back by an upholstery supply company. These are made as a good sofa should be – with a supportive upholstery foam, envelope-wrapped in a down or fiber-fill.

This little change has made me love the sofa all over again. The cushions now sit upright and look tailored and the proper back support makes it comfortable.

The shower and the sofa were two little things that annoyed me a little bit each day. Those little annoyances start to build until you are no longer enjoying your home. And your home is the one place in this world you should never be annoyed, but should find pure joy, peace and relaxation.  For $300 I was able to resolve these nit-picky items and fall in love with my bath room and family room again. These small changes have given me big happys in my home again.

What’s bugging you in your home? I encourage you to change it. It can enhance your life and your daily routine. And if I can help you with those changes, you know where to reach me.

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