Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interior Design: Small Details for Big Looks {Guest Post}

It was American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who once famously said, “God is in the details”, and it is hard to argue with such great logic. In fact, pick up any home décor magazine or surf any interior designer's website and you will notice that it is the smallest of details, and not the superfluous design elements, that make a difference to its surrounding environment. So for that added panache, one needs to shop for suitable and beautiful home accessories like an eye-catching lighting fixture, an exquisite antique photo frame, or a luxury throw cushion. Listed below are some easy decorating tips that will make your home beautiful and be the talk of the neighborhood.
Flower Vases (via)
Vases by the Fireplace (via)
Nothing brightens up a room than a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. However it is not just the flower arrangement that makes a difference, as the vase is equally important. You can purchase different sized flower vases and then place them strategically on a mantle or next to the unused fireplace.
Art Attack (via)
It doesn’t matter if you prefer modern, pop or classical art. The point is to create a focal point in a room. If buying artwork is not too appealing then make your own wall art décor (like the polka dots/red and white circles pictured above) and unleash the creative genius inside you.
Light Up (via)
When it comes to selecting light fixtures, one is spoiled for choice, as the market is flooded with beautiful pendant lights, table lamps, and desk lamps. A clever alternative to traditional lamps are tea light candleholders since they look charming and have an unique appeal.
Make A Splash (via)
Brighten up any room and inject a touch of vibrancy by experimenting with color. However, subtlety is the key here. For example a room with a monochromatic color palette can be made more appealing by throwing in some colorful and quirky knick-knacks.
Picture Perfect (via)
A home without family photos is incomplete and incorporating them in your décor is always recommended. Wall mounted picture frames or even digital photo frames will add a touch of warmth and make your décor more personal. The black table lamps in the picture above are a nice added touch to this lovely seating area.
Lead A Cushy Life (via)
The simplest way to enhance any space is to buy beautiful and quality throw pillows. The throw pillows can be scattered casually around the house to achieve a casual chic look. To achieve an instant makeover, experiment with different patterns, textures and sizes and group them together in odd numbers.

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