Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Holiday


I love Thanksgiving! I love the meaning behind the holiday - a day to reflect on and celebrate the abundance present in life. It's a beautiful day and way to live. This year the holiday is touching me in a more profound way. I feel an enormous sense of gratitude for the life I live and the people with whom I share my life. This is certainly influenced by my recent trip to Africa. And before I ramble on with the meaning of the trip, I'd like to pause there. I feel gratitude for the ability (physical, spiritual, financial, etc.) to travel across and experience this amazing world in which we live. AMEN.Traveling to Africa was certainly a reminder of the abundance in life. I was heartbroken by the extreme poverty that we witnessed. Yet I was also struck that the people of Tanzania seemed so genuinely happy. It's quite a contradiction to what I see so often in our own country - people whose lives are so abundant with stuff, yet they are so deeply unhappy.

I don't have deep philosophical thoughts to share on the subject. I'm not suggesting that anyone give up their possessions in order to find happiness. It was simply a contradiction that I observed and has really stuck with me.Yes, I'd love to eradicate hunger and create lasting World Peace. I believe that we can.Today, I am simply starting with a deep and genuine sense of gratitude and thanks.

I am immensely grateful for my family and friends, who make my life the rewarding, vibrant and adventurous existence that it is. I am thankfully to my wonderful clients, who trust me with their homes and dreams, while simultaneously helping me to live my own dream. I am grateful to you for joining me today, and any day, to read this blog and find inspiration for your own home and life.

Thanks + giving

Following my gratitude will certainly be giving. I have ideas and I'll be sharing them with you during the season of giving. Will you be giving this year? Do you have a favorite way to share the abundance of this world? Share with us.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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