Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful Habitat Has Moved | Sneak Peek

We've moved! To a new house, that is. You'll still be able to find Beautiful Habitat right here and on Facebook and Twitter. You may recall my post about the new house and all the photos before renovations began. Well, some renovations are wrapped up, others haven't yet begun, but we are now residing in the new abode. I wish I had photos of the final beautiful rooms to share with you. Alas, we are living like this in more than one room.

Still unpacking

Time and hard work will continue to pull this beauty together. And you can rest assured that I'll be sharing with you as soon as it's ready! Until then, here is a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Kitchen Designer Colorado
 New Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

Bath and Kitchen Design Boulder

New carpet - custom gray dye
New Carpet - a custom dyed shade of gray. When they don't have a color you like, custom dye is always an option.

Vibrant Interior Designs in Denver Gold On The Ceiling... Because Gold is staging a comeback and I am embracing it!

Custom Home Decor Boulder
New floors - ebony-stained wood with a new graphic rug (and my camera-shy pup/assistant.)

Creative Home Design Colorado
A few finishing touches are in place, but much more work to do. And a coat of new paint - Sherwin Williams "Anew Gray".

To see more about the journey to the new home:
Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design & Decoration

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