Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Make You Home More Functional With Universal Design Principals

Last week I wrote about Aging in Place and Universal Design Principals. Today I have easy suggestions for you to incorporate these principals in your home. No matter the current state of your home - new, older, recently renovated, in need of renovation, or the dream home that you are planning to build - there are easy changes that you can make to increase functionality and longevity.

Handles Instead of Knobs

This applies to doors, cabinets, and faucets. A handle is much easier for users of all ages and abilities, whether it is a toddler just learning to turn on the faucet, or experienced arthritic hands. Contemporary Home Design Colorado Custom Interior Design Solutions Boulder

Or, if your budget allows, upgrade to "touch" technology. It's a luxurious upgrade for users of all ages and abilities.
 Luxury Design
On that same thought, light switches can be changed out for easier to use versions. The rocker-style switch is easier on hands than the traditional light switch.

rocker switch

Or upgrade to very cool touch technology light switches.
 If you will be building a new home or renovating an existing home, now is the time to make changes you'll appreciate now and later. These changes will not only help you to age more easily in your own home, they are luxurious upgrades before you "need" them.

In the Bathroom

Comfort height toilets and vanities Blocking in the walls to support the addition of grab bars at a later date Zero-threshold showers/Continuous shower floors

Interior Design Expert Colorado Smart Interior Design  

In the Kitchen:

Rollouts and pan drawers in base cabinets
 Smart Kitchen Design Luxury Interior Design in Colorado

Task lighting onto countertops and work spaces
 Interior Designer Boulder

 Drawer-based appliances such as microwaves and dishwashers
Interior Designer Denver

Throughout the Home

Wider hallways and doorways Lower thresholds Minimal flooring transitions For more ideas on increasing the functionality and longevity of your home, talk to an Interior Design expert today.

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