Friday, April 1, 2011

Ribbon Glass Surfaces

Continuing from last week on the latest and greatest in tile, stone and coverings, today’s post is all about Architectural Glass Surfaces (aka glass slabs), particularly a product called Ribbon Glass. It is amazing and I hope it inspires you to use innovative products in your own Design or Decorating projects!
Glass surfaces are nothing new. We’ve seen glass tiles, particularly in tile mosaics, trending for the last several years. Other decorative glass applications have been around for a while, including glass countertops. Even glass blocks have been in and out of style for interiors since the 1930′s.  However, Ribbon Glass is something new and it’s very cool. For those looking for a more modern, artistic or unique surface, or those who are tired of granite as the go to luxury countertop, Ribbon Glass may be the perfect alternative for you.
Interstyle Ceramic and Glass are behind Ribbon Architectural Glass Surfaces. Made with 33% recycled content, the Ribbon surfaces are created by fusing layers of glass in a kiln. Being 100% glass, the surfaces are non-porous and stain-resistant and therefore great for countertop applications in the kitchen or bathroom. But it’s the color and texture that really make the product innovative and eye-catching.

Ribbon glass is versatile and each piece is hand made to specification up to 48″x120″. The custom nature lends the products to unlimited interesting applications beyond kitchens and bathrooms. I can envision this product as a mantel, wall art (especially if back-lit), room partition, or in furniture applications as seen in this table. How would you use Ribbon glass?

Each piece is a hand-crafted original. The company offers the color selection below, and custom color blends are welcome. Available in Denver through Interior Designers and the Decorative Materials showroom.

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