Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Framed Objects as Wall Art {Guest Post}

Many of us can’t help but frown at an empty wall yet struggle with what to nail upon it.  Family photos and copies of a Van Gogh have their merits, but the latest trends in framed art lean more toward the abstract.
DIY nuts and flea market aficionados can rejoice, since few things—aside from Mona Lisa—look better in vintage frames than vintage finds.  For example, one can arrange children’s vocabulary flashcards with one’s tongue in cheek or to quote Shakespeare.  The effect is stark but retro.  Alternatively, old skeleton keys make great accessories—think necklaces and key ring charms—but they also look great hung on walls or arranged in a frame.

 Credit: Design Sponge

Credit: Design Sponge

Three-dimensional objects may not suit a glass-covered picture frame, but they take abstract home décor to a new level (dimension?).  Seashells suit anyone living near the shore  and flowers in vases add a touch of living beauty to any room with vintage appeal.

Credit: Susan of Seaside Shells

 Credit: thinkofthe

Before there were color photographs, there were family silhouettes.  Rather than displaying plain black shadows (and risking blowing in an eerie air to an otherwise elegant space), consider buying silhouettes made from pretty wallpaper.  Victorian designs produce a delightfully quirky effect.  Making your own is easier than you might believe.

Credit: Design Sponge

In this fashion, handmade paper art can add flair to a room that no print or copy from a museum or exhibition can.  Consider the array of butterflies—cut from pages of an old book—on Jennifer Rizzo’s wall and the neatly arranged paper (and button) hearts by Nicolette Tabram.

Credit: Jennifer Rizzo

Credit: Nicolette Tabram

For multi-media art, these shadow boxes provide plenty of wiggle room.  Place anything from an old deck of playing cards to a stack of poetry books inside with one quirky flea market find and you’ve made art.  These, from Design Sponge, are made with wine crates.

Credit: Design Sponge

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