Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Colors | Purple

I recently asked the Beautiful Habitat Facebook friends “what color make you happiest?” It was meant to be a Friday brain-break, but the answers inspired me to include their happy colors in a few blog posts. My philosophy has always been to follow what you love to inspire your interiors. If a color makes you happy, use it in your home. This can be intimidating, but I hope these Happy Color posts will inspire you to find ways to incorporate your own happy color into your home decor.
Today we’ll take a look at purple in interior design and decorating.
A Little Purple
Purple is a great accent color. Try purple in throw pillows, vases and accessories, artwork, window treatments, or perhaps a small table or accent chair. Use it to spice up neutrals, or in combination with another bold color.

Both above via Belle Maison

A Lot of Purple
Purple works equally well in large doses. These rooms take purple all the way. Here think wall color, bedding, and larger furniture… or all of the above.
 via Afflatus

Via House Beautiful and also featured in the previous post An Ode to Banquettes

 via Afflatus

 In reality, you may be living with someone that doesn’t love your happy color as much as you do.  But there are still ways to bring in that happiness with out a huge commitment. Try some purple flowers in any room.

 What color makes you happiest? Do you use it in your home? Share with us on Facebook and look for more Happy Colors posts coming soon.

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