Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Colors | Red

The next color up on our list of Happy Colors is Red.

Lots of Red
Master Suite Design in Denver Colorado 
via Etsy

Red lacquered cabinetry would be a very bold move on it's own. Add red lacquer to the appliances, walls and ceiling and you've got a statement-making space.
Modern Kitchen Design Boulder Colorado 

Red walls make a great backdrop for lighter colored artwork.
Bold Interior Design in Denver Colorado 
Source Unknown

Bold Interior Decorating in Denver Colorado 

This bold bedroom design uses both a vibrant and more muted red tones along with graphic patterns. See more of this room here: Love it or Leave it: Red Patterned Bedroom Bold Interior Decorating in Boulder Colorado

Mary McDonald via Veranda

Black, White and Red

Red is a perfect accent to schemes that are black and white, or to schemes that are gray. Yes, you could place any color in these rooms and it would really stand out as an accent, but there is just something special about red in these rooms...
Urban Interior Design in Denver Colorado 

Interior Decorating in Boulder Colorado 

And I couldn't post without including another banquette, this lovey red banquette adds a great pop to a dining nook and overall gray room. I love banquettes and you can read more about them here: An Ode to Banquettes
Custom Kitchen Design Boulder Colorado 
Source Unknown

Chic Home Decor in Boulder Colorado 

Red Accents

While red is stunning with Black & White, or gray, it is also a great accent with other color schemes, in large and small doses.
Home Office Design in Boulder Colorado 
Source Unknown

Bedroom Design in Denver Colorado 
via Domino Magazine

Living Space Design in Denver Colorado 

Electic Interior Design in Westminster Colorado 

Kitchen Design in Denver Colorado 

And what says Red and Happiness as much as a red wagon?
Chic Interior Decor in Colorado 

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