Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Colors | Yellow

It's hard to dispute yellow as a Happy Color. Yellow is associated with joy, sunshine, warmth and freshness. Just look at any child's drawing and you're likely to see a bright yellow sun or a yellow happy face. I love yellow and have used it in both my own, and client's homes. And this is certainly not the first time I've mentioned yellow in the Beautiful Habitat blog.

Yellow is a big bold happy color, so let's start with the boldest of yellow rooms.

Whole Lotta Yellow
Luxury Bathroom Design in Denver Colorado 
 via tumblr

Custom Wall Treatments in Boulder Colorado 

Bold Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 

Traditional Interior Design in Denver Colorado 

Even when not used as an overall color or on walls, yellow still makes a big impact in rooms and interiors.
Bold Contemporary Interior Design in Denver Colorado 

Innovative Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 

Luxury Interior Decorator in Denver Colorado 

Yellow wallpaper makes a great statment on it's own

Bathroom Design in Boulder Colorado 

or as a backdrop to other artwork
Custom Bathroom Design in Denver Colorado 

And if that's too much yellow for you, remember that it does make a great accent color in more neutral decor.

Yellow Accents
Starting with a lovely yellow banquette. I love banquettes and you can read more about them here: An Ode to Banquettes
Kitchen Design in Boulder Colorado 

Beautiful Bedroom Decorating in Denver ColoradoContemporary Interior Decorating in Boulder Colorado 
Lovely Bedrooms, both via SAS Interiors

Interior Decorator in Denver ColoradoModern Interior Design in Boulder Colorado 
via CB2
Childrens Room Designs in Denver Colorado 
A wonderful room for a girl, via Douglas Friedman

Kitchen Design in Boulder Colorado 

Interior Styling in Denver Colorado 
An easy DIY accent via Brooklyn Limestone.

Have you used yellow in your home? Or maybe you've been too intimidated to try this bold hue? Share with us here, or on Facebook!
For more on the Happy Color Series:

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