Friday, December 4, 2009

Greeting Holiday Guests

While we're on the topic of holidays, how do you greet your overnight or long term holiday guests? I don't typically have guests that stay over the holidays. However, this year looks as if it would be my first, so it got me thinking about my guest room. How could I give it a bit more holiday spirit? Here are some ideas.

If you want to go all out, try some holiday bedding. The Red Feather Quilt and Pine Cone Quilt are both from Pottery Barn.
Or maybe you want a softer touch to the holiday cheer. These holiday thrown pillows are all from Wisteria.
And the Sentiment Pillows are also from Pottery Barn.

Or perhaps your guest room decorations could be as simple as a stocking or two, or other holiday accessories. The Birch Bark Trees and Merry Berry Wreath are from Viva Terra.
The silver foil Christmas Tree from West Elm.
What do you have in store for your holiday guests?

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