Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY Bookends

My bookcases have a lot of books and those books get heavy. My bookcases also happen to be open on one side, making a bit of an L-shape like this photo.
So I have an ongoing problem with bookends that are not heavy enough to hold several books on the shelves. Afterall, I do want to mix up the look with some books horizontal and some vertical (read the post on how to decorate bookshelves). So how do I keep my vertical books from tumbling down, but still look attractive?
I came up with a DIY project that creates a heavy bookend and still looks good on my shelves. Take one substantial square vase from Pottery Barn and several decorative rocks, or glass beads - put together in any decorative pattern you like and you have a heavy bookend.

Various sizes can be used. Or as an alternative, try a ceramic vase and rocks from your own back yard.

Key tips: Use a shape that allows a flat surface to sit next to the books. This creates more stability than a round shape. Ensure that the vase size and weight is adequate for the book load. You don't want your books to come tumbling down with glass or ceramic in the way.

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