Thursday, June 17, 2010

Metallic Wood Finishes

 Yes, your read that correctly - Metallic Wood. InOre is a stunning collection of solid wood flooring applied with real metal finishes.

Hand-produced in the UK by Seamless Industries, the products are available in Bronze, Brass, Copper, Nickel Silver, and White Gold (a composite of others metals, not real gold).

InOre is available in two finish types: Ingrained, in which metal is applied into the natural grain of the wood and reveals itself only when hit by direct light; and Coated with a solid coat of metal applied to boards with deep accentuated grain.

Ingrained finishes are delicate and subtle. 

Coated finishes are bold and dramatic.

InOre is made using only sustainable woods from renewable sources. The patented process involved in the application of the metal coating has received environmental awards applauding it's utilization of recycled materials.

Is there a US equivalent? I'd love to have some in my home.Drop me a line of you know of a US product like this.

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