Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Use for Legos

By now you should know that I love unusual things and using everyday items or materials in unique ways. So it is absolutely no surprise that I LOVE the Lego Kitchen Island by Simon Pillard and Phillippe Rossetti.That's right - a Lego (as in little plastic blocks) kitchen island.The island is constructed of 20,000 Lego blocks surrounding an IKEA kitchen island.

I loved building with Legos as a kid, so here are some Fun facts about the worlds favorite building blocks, courtesy of Wikipedia:
  • Legos come in 2,350 different pieces in 52 colors for a nearly infinite number of combinations.
  • Billund, Denmark is the home of the Lego and also the prefab capital of the world
  • Originally designed in the 1940's
  • There are four Legoland amusement parks - Billund, Denmark, Windsor, England, Gunzburg, Germany, and Carlsbad, California USA.
  • Lego was coined from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well".
Stock up on Legos and encourage your kid's creativity and you could have your very own Lego furniture soon!

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