Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interiors of The Kings Speech

Have you seen The Kings Speech? It lives up to the hype and more. The story is inspiring, the acting is brilliant and it absolutely deserves the numerous awards and nominations.
While I love the movie for it's story and acting, the sets were also beautiful and gave us a flavor of decades of British Interior Design. We see everything from Victorian to Art Deco and Art Nouvea and even a little Regency.I hope you'll find  inspiration in this beautiful mash up of period interior design.

The office and speech therapy room of Lionel Louge. This room features a beautifully patina-ed  wall finish, a huge carved wood fireplace, amazing leaded windows and vaulted leaded-glass ceiling, late Victorian lighting and a gold-gilt settee. What's not to love?

The home of Lionel Louge is equally stunning, combining both Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements. The wallpapers were the first thing to catch my eye, with a definite Deco flavor.

Nothing says Art Nouveau quite like flowing forms in leaded glass. The doors in this scene fit the bill perfectly.

And, of course, the various interiors of the Royal family are mean to be awe-inspiring.
Here, Westminster Abbey in preparation for the King's coronation.

 A young Duke and Duchess in one of the palaces.

Buckingham Palace with it's Regency period decor of bold colors, white painted wood and gilded gold.

King George IV after his 1944 broadcast

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Debra said...

Great eye to catch all of that during the movie and then remember the details and find the stills. I love the wallpaper in the background. Love that it's "popular" again. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

HeidiTownMayor said...

Thanks for the different perspective on this movie! It's my favorite movie of 2010, but I hadn't given the interior design much thought until your post!


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