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Happy Colors | Lime and Apple Green

A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook and Twitter "What color makes you happiest?". It was meant to be just some fun on a Friday afternoon. However, the responses inspired me to write a series of posts featuring these happy colors in beautifully designed rooms. My interior design philosophy has always been to live with the things and colors that you love. Afterall, your home should make you happy and feel good. My hope is that these post will inspire you to incorporate your own happy colors more into your design and decorating plans.

Our happy colors series has already featured Purple and Orange. Today we are going to focus on lime and apple greens. Much like with our previous colors, there are so many ways to incorporate greens into your home. You can use small splashes to large doses and in hues ranging from light and sweet to super bold and intense.

Let's start with large doses of green in different intensities.

This green-on-green wallpaper makes a bold statement in this kitchen nook decor. It works so well on the tall wall and is a piece or artwork in itself.
Bold modern interior designvia HGTV
This apple green kitchen is adorable. The custom painted cabinets are not overwhelming because of the frosted glass panels, which helps to break up and soften the green. I love the use of different cabinet sizes taken all the way to the ceiling - it's smart kitchen design and use of space.
Below is another kitchen that uses large doses of green without overwhelming. The green here is more of a lime green. This bold color is well balanced in this kitchen because it is only on the walls and softened by (and warms up) the stainless steel appliances and industrial cabinets.
And now, for the super bold in lime green walls... These rooms take lime walls to the extreme. If you'd like this look in your home, choosing the correct shade of green will take some time. Find tips here: Choosing Paint Colors or hire an expert to save you time and money.
A very bold and bright nursery. This super bright and intense shade of lime is balanced with white and an equally bold turquoise. It's certainly not shy, but in my opinion, it works.
This bathroom also has a very bold and intense shade of lime green. Powder rooms are a great place to go really bold (also dining rooms and foyers). You don't spend a lot of time in these spaces, so won't become overwhelmed or tired of the color as quickly, Yet your guests will visit these 3 spaces, so you can really make a statement.
Green does not have to be applied is such large doses to create an impact and make you happy. Here are some more subtle and suggestive ways to use green in your interiors.
This bedroom balances lime green, chocolate brown and white for a beautiful and restful retreat.
This Dining Room by Jonathan Adler is another wonderful balance of lime and chocolate. The lime brightens the room and definitely adds the "happy".
Interior Designer in Colorado
An accent piece of furniture is a great way to add color to you home. Below is a beautiful painted chest - great DIY project. Also below is the Forest chair, which adds interest with it's green color and unique shape.
How about a lime green vintage bathtub? It's the perfect statement piece is an otherwise white bathroom. If you're not feeling so bold, you could just opt for the lime and white towels in your bath.
Bathroom Design in Denver Coloradovia Feedly
For a perfectly balanced living room that incorporates green, use it on curtains, a small stool or chair, and other accessories.
Have you used lime or apple green in your home? Share with us here or on Facebook.
Have I featured your happy color, yet? If not, tell me about your color and I'll be happy to add it to the series.

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