Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Things | Rubber Vase

I recently came across this great product for homes with smaller children - the rubber vase. Created by designer Henriette Melchiorsen, these family-friendly vases are available through They prove that kids and beautiful interior design can and should live harmoniously together.

Modern Home Design in Denver Colorado
From Emmo Home: "The rubber vase is both fun and unusual: in the right setting it is amazingly stylish – with its black, red and brown colors, close up the material can give the impression of fragile ceramics. But the dazzling lime and pink colors leave no doubt that this is a funky product made from a unique material – cutting-edge design for those seeking something completely different and modern, or just an extremely practical vase to have where there are small children around."

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The rubber vase is available in two sizes. The small vase is quite small, with a 4.33" diameter and height of 5.12".

Modern Interior Designer in Boulder ColoradoContemporary Interior Designer in Boulder Colorado
The large vase has a diameter of 7" and is 8" high.

Contemporary Interior Design in Denver Colorado

Modern Interior Decorating in Denver Colorado

The rubber vase comes in several colors to match both modern and more traditional or transitional interior decorating schemes.

Contemporary Interior Designer in Colorado
A great option to decorate lower surfaces, including coffee and end tables in your home without fear that it will be broken by rambunctious or curious kids.

Have you seen other family-friendly, yet attractive products for the home? Share with us.
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