Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interior Inspiration is Everywhere

Interior Design inspiration can come from anywhere, and it certainly does not have to be other interiors. This is the premise behind my Inspiring Images feature. However, I still get questions from readers, friends and clients about just how you go about turning an image, place or item that you love into an interior. I'll walk you through a hypothetical example to help you think outside of the box and begin to interpret what you love into your own spaces.

This image is of a place: Villa Carlotta on Lake Como, Italy.  My hypothetical client, Susie, loves this image, which was found in a magazine. Next, I ask several questions to learn what it is that Susie really loves about the image. Is it the structure of the trellis, the traditional feel, the color, the way your eye is drawn further down the path?

It turns  out that Susie loves the pop of the oranges overhead and the repeating pattern and symmetry of the trellis. While the image of formal gardens invokes a traditional feel, Susie prefers her home to be more modern. A possible result for Susie might be this room below, which incorporates several orange pops of color overhead along with symmetry, which draws the eye further into the room.

 This is, of course, just an illustration to help you think of your home and how you can apply the inspiration you see in creative ways. The interpretation of the Village Carlotta image could be applied in a hundred different ways for a hundred different clients - and that is a true beauty in Interior Design.

Um, have I mentioned that I love the color orange??

Beautiful Habitat: Luxury Interior Design

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