Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Now That's How You Use Color!

Turquoise is all the rage right now, especially with Pantone naming it the 2010 Color of the Year. However, turquoise, teal and other variations have always had a following all it's own. And I'm not just talking about jewelry made in Sante Fe. In fact there is even a fantastic blog dedicated to the color: House of Turquoise.

I have recently been working on two home office renovations, one in a beautiful spicy orange and another in, you guessed it, turquoise. So as I was flipping through some old magazines for some great blog inspiration, this teal and tangerine bedroom jumped off the page at me. Wow - this is one of the boldest uses of color I have seen in a while and is perhaps the most bold combination I've ever seen in a bedroom. While it is very vibrant, it is also in excellent balance so that the colors are complimenting each other rather than competing. This is how to use bold color!

I personally can't decide which aspect of the room is my favorite: the teal patent leather chairs, or the tangerine and cream pagoda-shaped valances.

“The vibrancy of tangerine and varying shades of teal refreshes the senses during daylight,” says Kendall. “Come nighttime, the room becomes a deep blue cocoon.”

A Lucite headboard  keeps a clear view of the decorative mural. The simple bed linens compliment both the mural and the graphic patterns on the throw pillows and benches.

This room was designed by Kendall Wilkinson for a 2007 San Francisco show house. The article was featured in Traditional Home Magazine.

Beautiful Habitat: Luxury Interior Design www.beautifulhabitat.com

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