Friday, January 8, 2010

Clearing Clutter in the New Year

Even if you don't do resolutions, a New Year often prompts us to set goals or deal with thing that we've let go on too long. Many times, Household Clutter is on the list.Here are some decluttering tips resurected from past blogs.

Tips to Rethink and Rearrange is especially for changing up and thinning out cluttered decor. It's especially useful as you pack up the holiday decorations and bring the everday items back into the light.

Dreaded Decluttering is more about the junk - how to tackle what you've got and how to keep it from building up again.

I hope theses tips help you in meeting your goals for 2010!

Beautiful Habitat: Luxury Interior Design

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T McCall said...

I love your categories (Must be Beautiful, useful, etc)! It kind of gave me an "OK" to stop hanging on to something out of guilt that someday someone who I got it from might see it not there... (Even though they rarely visit.)

I have a ton to tackle in the basement but this really helps give perspective in the new year!!


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