Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bamboo 102

I recently blogged about the wonderful properties of Bamboo as a wood product in Bamboo 101.Those properties remain true, but did you know that Bamboo is also used as a textile product?

 Bamboo fabrics or textiles are basically Rayon. Viscose rayon has traditionally been manufactured using toxic chemicals to break down wood products into a soluble compound that is turning into fibers. Bamboo rayon, on the other hand, converts bamboo fibers using a combination of steaming and sodium hydroxide (sounds more toxic than it is).This eco-friendly conversion combined with the positive benefits of bamboo as renewable plant (see Bamboo 101) makes bamboo a wonderful alternative to other fabrics. Bamboo rayon is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards(GOTS). For a more technical reading on the subject, check out wikipedia's article.

Bamboo rayon is used in numerous products including clothing, sheets, towels, carpeting, window coverings, placements, wall coverings and other decorative accessories. It is soft, durable, long-lasting, and has antibacterial and animicrobial properties.

In other fabrics, unprocessed bamboo fiber may be woven in with other fibers, but will result in a stiffer textile such as sisal.

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