Monday, March 15, 2010

Artistic Time Pieces

Daylight Savings Time is upon us. I enjoy that our evenings will be full of more sunshine. I am not enjoying the first Monday morning after "Springing Forward". It just feels like I've gotten up an hour earlier. In honor of the time change, today's post features several artistically crafted clocks. Clocks seem to be dying out in our culture with the clocks we have at hand on our phones, computers, microwaves... I even have a clock on my pedometer. However, these clocks are equally beautiful and functional; just as much art pieces as time pieces. Enjoy!

Each clock is available through The Artful Home and each artist offers several clocks in addition to those shown here, some offering other pieces. To see more work from each artist, click the link on the artist name.

The first three clocks are by glass designer Nina Cambron.

Flower clocks are by artist Emi Ozawa.

Metal Artist Leonie Lacouette creates many geometric patterns in steel, brass, copper, slate and wood.

 John McDermott is the artist and furniture designer behind the two wood wall clocks featured below.

 Husband and wife team Ken and Julie Girardini are the creators of the flowing and bending metal clocks below.

Beautiful Habitat: Interior Design

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