Thursday, March 11, 2010

Before & After: Window Treatments 3

Window Treatment week post #3 will focus on children's rooms. Often when I am called in for children's rooms, my clients want something that has a young and fun feel, but that will also continue to grow with the child. They do not want to redecorate the room with every phase of the child's life, but just to change out a few pieces. This room is no exception. But today, I'll be focusing on the window treatments.

This room was a fairly boring guest room in a new home. When I got there, the window treatments were the disposable temporary paper shades from Home Depot.

We livened up the whole room and windows with color. The child was just under 3 years old at the time we created this room. A primary consideration with the window treatments for kids is safety. It is best to have shorter treatments the cannot be grabbed and pulled down, and nothing long, in which a child may get caught.Safety first!

We opted for valance treatments and wood blinds.The valances were created in a faux London blind style. They are meant to look like the fabric could cover the whole window and is lowered and raised by the ribbons.It gives a gathered look at the bottom.

We chose a colorful striped fabric. Other elements of the room can easily be changed out as she grows, while still coordinating with the window treatments because of the many colors within the fabric.

Have you seen great window treatments in a kid's room? Email me and I'll post them here!

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