Monday, March 8, 2010

Before & After: Window Treatments 1

I am often called in on client projects to assist with Window Treatments.Sometimes clients are overwhelmed by the thought of selecting window treatments - and it can be overwhelming on your own.
However, more often, clients have selected hard window treatments (aka blinds) and aren't aware of the benefits of adding soft window treatments (draperies, valances, cornices,etc.) in addition to the blinds. Soft window treatments can serve functional purposes including light and heat protection, echo reduction and noise absorption. Soft window treatment also add an aesthetic value to many rooms. Window treatments can be used to soften a room, to frame a beautiful view, to add more color to a space, to enhance the theme of a room, and even to visually balance uneven windows.
This week I'll be focusing on several window treatment before & after's. I hope these posts will help to demystify soft window treatments and inspire you to enhance your rooms with some creative applications.

Unlike many projects, this client actually had soft window treatments when we started in the family room. However, the home backs to a beautiful golf course view and the swagged valance and furniture placement did nothing to enhance this view. Also, the beige fabric was a little dull and blended too much with the wall color.

The adjoining kitchen had no window treatments. and a metal screen was used to block the uglier part of the view to the deck railing.


To frame the view, we added more colorful fabrics in a more substantial treatment, while removing the large sectional sofa. This treatment includes 2 flat top drapery panels on each end. The valance is an inverted box pleat with scallops in each pleat.

 In the kitchen we created a double-width flat panel with a cuff at the top.This achieves our goal of blocking the view of the deck railing, while still keeping the natural light and access to the door. In addition, the similar treatments coordinate the kitchen and family room for a better flow.


And because the original window treatments were in good condition, we recycled them in an upstairs home office that had only wood blinds. This softened the window edges and gave the room a more elegant feel.


Tune in the rest of the week for more ideas on window treatments. As always, if you have questions or want additional details - contact me via the comments, at my website, or by email.

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