Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Before & After: Window Treatments 2

It's Window Treatment week at Beautiful Habitat.I love soft window treatments and the many ways in which they can be used to transform a room. I'll be highlighting examples all week, so stay tuned.

This bedroom window had the basic wood blinds and some boring sheers. The room was painted a blue to darken the space and brown and cream colored accents were used. Overall, the room felt uncoordinated, unsophisticated and a touch too feminine for one half of the couple.

Using my client's original color scheme of blues and browns, we started with a striped fabric that we turned into a beautiful arched upholstered cornice. We took the cornice up to the ceiling to make the small room feel taller.

Light and heat control were a problem with this room, even with the wood blinds. We accompanied the cornice with chocolate colored draperies in an ultra suede fabric, which were also lined. The heavy, lined fabric blocked the additional light that the blinds let in. To further customize the draperies and coordinate them with the color scheme, we added trim stripes near the bottom of each panel in cream and blue.
 The window treatments solve the light control issues and helped to pull together the decor that my client's had already added to the bedroom. They had a good start, but needed the finishing touch. The room is now a good balance of masculine and feminine, so both he and she are happy and comfortable in the space.

I hope this give you ideas for incorporating window treatments into your spaces!

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